Homegrown Vermont Metal


"Crypitus are musically adventurous while aggressive in their combinations – which makes for a very entertaining product that should take multiple listens to absorb all the content. Ill World (That’s What You Get) keeps the band in their unique lane, sure to appease most and probably send other running for the hills. Superb and making this scribe clamor for more." - Matt Coe


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Band line up annoucement 

Update April 3rd 2021 

Since the formation of Crypitus, there has been many changes. Change is something that we will forever have to live our lives with. This last year has been filled with struggles across the board and so it has been for all of us here in the band. As we progress into 2021 we will be saying goodbye to our long time guitarist Peter Snee - we wish you the best of luck in your endeavors and for now will be rocking out as a three piece. We are very excited to grow and reshape with the new year! 



Doug Friend - Guitar Vocals 

Joe Minard - Bass Zach Patch - Percussion