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The first full length release is a six track album that includes songs from the early days and some new, all put together in a searing pile of metal sound. Recorded at Bluvudu Productions in Plattsburgh NY, Produced and Recorded by John Bradley, and Mastered by Sean Conkling - We present you a culmination of work by the metal group Crypitus; Ill World (That's What You Get).


Our Single Danger Recorded by Primrose Production is now available for stream and download!




First Studio Release: Exhibit 1: Prelude to the Dead World



"Exhibit 1: Prelude to the Dead World exists for listeners who enjoy left-field tangents off their favored aggressive music tendencies – experimental, progressive, or jazz-like movements in unexpected pockets to enhance the arrangements. It’s fair to say everything from Voivod to Frank Zappa and Rush will pop up when traversing this material – be it through the low monotone uttering of “Tundra” (Snake of Voivod would approve), the twisted lead breaks of Doug Friend, and rhythm section interplay that moves from progressive passages to thunderous fills beyond basic double kicks and fluid bottom end work. The typewriter, Morse Code-like guitar/drum intertwining that opens “Breakdown” gives chase to Doug’s blood curdling screams and evil riffs that venture across a blackened/progressive landscape- madmen let loose in the early 90’s Scandinavian scene against American angst and Mr. Bungle-oriented experimentation. At almost seven-minutes “Thunder” is the longest track, containing addictive Sabbath/Rush-like riffing and shifting tempos throughout – the trilling and savage screams again thrash/death gold with the rhythm section keeping things loose and go with the flow." Matt Coe Dead Rhetoric.com


As of 9/18/17 Crypitus' Exhibit 1: Prelude to the Dead World was available at The Howlin Mouse Record Store in Rutland Vermont and is currently unavailable in physical form.



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