Review: Death metal band Crypitus reinvents itself with new EP

Review: Death metal band Crypitus reinvents itself with new EP 

Madeline Laguaite | Staff Writer 
Oct 24, 2017

Crypitus has only been active since 2015 and yet it has already established itself as a heavy metal band.

Crypitus, a death metal band based out of Vermont, recently released its debut demo, “Exhibit 1: Prelude to the Dead World.” This is Crypitus’ first EP since the band reinvented themselves with a new lineup in 2016. 

Though the band has only been active since its founding in 2015 by musician Doug Friend, it has already been shaped and molded into the heavy, black metal group that it is today. Crypitus began taking New England by storm, performing in states like New Hampshire, Massachusetts and Connecticut. However, it was only this year that the band was able to release “Exhibit 1: Prelude to the Dead World,” a small taste of the sheer intensity and contemplative themes with a universal perspective that the band puts out through their songs. 

The band’s first track on the demo, “Breakdown,” is an ideal song to introduce the EP. Upon listening, a seasoned metal fan can tell Crypitus is more than just “noise.” Friend takes angry, desperate emotion and channels it into intense lyrics. Right away, listeners get a taste of his pure, incredible vocal stamina. While Friend does not sing the entire five minutes and 40 seconds, he does demonstrate his ability to push through voice-grating verses. The guitar and bass truly work together to expand “Breakdown” into the loaded track that it is. The guitar riffs, which become somewhat familiar towards the end of the song, are complex and would be hard for an average person to emulate, yet are not out of place. The wild, fast-paced riffs coupled with Friend’s clear interjections of “breakdown” quite literally works to describe a mental breakdown of sorts. 

Friend described “Breakdown” in an interview with the blog MusicBoxPete as being about “mental conflict” and “insanity.” 

With the second track, “Tundra,” the intensity remains, albeit a little more muted. Even the vocals are toned down with the repetition of “tundra,” throughout the track. Friend said the track was playing around with concepts like “transcendentalism and isolation.” Lyrics like, “Enter the bitter abyss, can’t get better than this” and “tundra, tundra, let me have this!” 

“Thunder” starts hot, with a very heavy emphasis on drums and guitar before the vocals come in, raw and filled with emotion as ever. The guitar melody is catchy and somewhat bouncy, something that complements Friend’s voice. The song’s theme, however, is what sets it apart from the rest of the album. Possibly one of the less prevalent themes of black metal is the concept of saving and respecting the Earth, but Friend said, “‘Thunder’ is basically a warning to the world. If you don’t respect Mother Earth, she’ll bite back.” 

The up-and-coming death metal band, Crypitus, officially introduced themselves to the world with “Exhibit 1: Prelude to the Dead World.” This EP debut of three songs offers just enough of the taste for the listener to want to order the whole meal. Crypitus does not plan to stop with “Exhibit 1” either — the band has set up tour dates and is actively traveling and pursuing its passion for heavy metal.